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Parkour Classes


Beginner Parkour

Ages 5-12

Our Beginner Parkour program introduces the exciting world of parkour, teaching participants the basics such as precision jumps, safety rolls, speed and safety vaults, among other foundational skills.
This class is designed to provide a solid foundation for navigating obstacles safely and efficiently.

Each session is structured to ensure a progressive learning experience, emphasizing technique and safety to prepare participants for more advanced movements.

Intermediate Parkour

Ages 5-12 - Invite Only

Our Intermediate Parkour program takes skills to the next level, focusing on more complex techniques such as vault to precisions, underbars, and wall running while introducing freerunning elements.


 Participants will refine their agility and precision, learning to combine movements for fluid and efficient parkour flow.


Each session builds on the last, ensuring continuous improvement and a deeper understanding of parkour dynamics.


Advanced Parkour

Ages 8-12+ - Invite Only

Our Advanced Parkour program is designed to teach the most advanced skills and techniques in parkour and freerunning in a safe setting.


This invite-only class focuses on mastering complex movements such as dynamic flips and freerunning skills, advanced vaults and complex bar movements.


This program also allows students to develop their own flow through environments and create their own lines allowing them to put the skills they have learned to use. 

Teen Parkour

Ages 12+

Our Teen Parkour program offers a dynamic blend of structured parkour & freerunning learning circuits with supervised self-driven open gym, making it suitable for all levels.


Participants can learn at their own pace, mastering everything from fundamental to advanced parkour techniques under expert guidance.


This approach ensures that teens of any skill level can improve their abilities, enjoy the freedom of movement, and safely push their limits.

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