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Gymnastics Classes

Kindergym & Junior Gym

Ages 2-5 & 4-5

Our Kindergym (ages 2-4) and Junior Gym (ages 4-5) programs provide a fun, nurturing and interactive environment for young children to explore the fundamentals of gymnastics.
Through engaging activities, circuits and guided play, children develop motor skills, coordination, and confidence, with a focus on fun, fitness, and fundamental movements.

These programs are specially designed for toddlers and preschoolers, offering a blend of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning experiences that support physical and cognitive development.

Astro Stars

All Ages, Carers Welcome

Our Astro Stars program is a 45-minute class tailored for students with special needs. It blends gymnastics and trampolining with 15 minutes of self-driven learning time.
This format allows participants to learn at their own pace in a supportive environment, focusing on sensory engagement, gross motor skills, and fundamental gymnastics.

By popular demand, we have just introduced an Adults Astro Stars (18+) on Wednesday night!


Beginner Gymnastics

Ages 5-12

Our beginner gym program is designed to introduce the fundamentals of gymnastics in a fun learning environment.
Participants will learn the basic skills on floor, beam, bars, and trampoline. This includes essential skills like forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels and roundoffs.

This program is perfect for kids looking to explore gymnastics, build confidence, and develop a strong base of skills.

Intermediate Gymnastics

Ages 5-12 - Invite Only Class

Our intermediate gymnastics program advances athletes to more technical skills, focusing on refinement and mastery in a challenging yet supportive setting.

Participants will enhance their abilities with more complex manoeuvres on the floor, beam, bars, and trampoline, including walkovers, chin-up pullovers, and beam dismounts.

This program is ideal for gymnasts eager to elevate their skills, embrace new challenges, and continue their progression in gymnastics.


Extension Gymnastics

Ages 5-12 - Invite Only Class

Our extension gymnastics program is tailored for gymnasts ready to tackle more complex and demanding skills, pushing their capabilities to new heights in a nurturing environment.

Participants will work on advanced techniques across all apparatuses, mastering skills like back hip circles on bars, somersaults on tramp, and handsprings on floor.

This program is designed for athletes seeking to challengge themselves and extend their gymnastics prowess.

Teen Gymnastics

Ages 12+

Our Teen Gymnastics program offers a fun-focused blend of structured skill development and self-driven open gym.

Students will receive guidance on a broad range of gymnastics skills, while also having the opportunity to pursue personal goals and work on individual skills of their choice.

This program is ideal for teenagers looking to enjoy gymnastics, whether they're aiming to enhance their skills, stay active, or simply explore new movements in a fun, social setting.


Adult Gymnastics

Ages 18+

Our Adult Gym program offers a self-driven, open gym experience where adults of any skill level can explore gymnastics at their own pace.


Participants will have access to a coach for instruction on any skill they wish to learn or improve on.

This program is perfect for adults seeking a flexible and supportive environment to stay active, learn new gymnastics skills, or refine existing ones, all while having the freedom to set their own goals and challenges.

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